M&M Textile Fashion Group.

M&M Textile Fashion Group is an international representative export, buying, developing and sourcing company located in Thessaloniki, Greece’s leading textile city, making women’s, men’s and children clothing.
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 M&M Textile Fashion Group has been a trusted name in the business of exporting and supplying a wide range of jersey products since 1999. You can find us in Thessaloniki, Greece's leading textile city. Our company represends, export, develops quality clothing.

  In the development of product, two main principles drive us; firstly the ability to recreate almost anything designed by the customer, and secondly the continual development of new fabrics,yarns, chemical and mechanical finishes, and trims.

 The great advantage with our company is the high quality service and the ability to be flexible with competitive prices, either with big projects or with smaller orders require high standard merchandise. We are constantly doing our own trend research through international travel. 

 We strongly believe that reliability, quality and flexibility are the most important elements of our competitive edge. We understand the importance of the fast and reliable delivery of orders; we are able to ship goods within 4-6 weeks from the day of final confirmation.






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  Our quality controllers do in-line inspection in all stages of production and final quality control to make sure that all your requirements are absolutely met.

Apart from in-house inspection, we make all the necessary tests on fabrics and garments and we cooperate with internationally affiliated Q.C. institutes.

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